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Mobile Marketing is a vital marketing strategy, representing the future of marketing. Mobile Marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, providing customers with time- and location-sensitive, personalized information that promotes goods, services, and ideas. An efficient marketer who can leverage mobile and keep up with the explosive growth will win the audience and be indispensable. This Advanced Mobile Marketing course will help participants to gain expertise on using the mobile medium as a means of marketing communication.

What skills will you learn?

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* How to leverage data from various sources to conduct quantitative and qualitative research, and deliver actionable, data-informed business insights

* How digital data analytics drives important insights for all aspects of the customer lifecycle across digital channels

* Understanding the concepts of web analytics from ground zero to mastering the analytics domain across digital channels

* In-depth knowledge of web analytics, social analytics, mobile analytics and content analytics

* Complete end-to-end understanding of how digital and data analytics impact the conversion funnel, customer retention and acquisition, CPA, LTV and the customer engagement.

* Product knowledge of Google Analytics, Google Digital Studio, Klipfolio and Tableau.

Why Codehuman?

Our Mobile marketing trainers are leading, dynamic and highly qualified industry professionals with years of experience in training. Our trainers focus on providing valuable insights on each aspect of Mobile marketing. Trainers provide personalized training modules suited to your needs. The focus of trainers will be to ensure that each individual achieves desired goals and objectives of assigned live projects and assignments. The best part about our trainers is that they continuously encourage and motivate individuals to learn continuously and attain best knowledge.

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