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FEM is best understood from its practical application, known as finite element analysis (FEA). FEA as applied in engineering is a computational tool for performing engineering analysis. It includes the use of mesh generation techniques for dividing a complex problem into small elements, as well as the use of software program coded with FEM algorithm. In applying FEA, the complex problem is usually a physical system with the underlying physics such as the Euler-Bernoulli beam equation, the heat equation, or the Navier-Stokes equations expressed in either PDE or integral equations, while the divided small elements of the complex problem represent different areas in the physical system. FEM-Design is an advanced modeling software for finite element analysis and design of load-bearing concrete, steel and timber structures according to Eurocode. The unique user-friendly working environment is based on the familiar CAD tools what makes the model creation and structure editing simple and intuitive. The quick and easy nature of FEM-Design makes it ideal for all types of construction tasks from single element design to global stability analysis of large structures and makes it the best practical tool for structural engineers.

Why Choose this course?

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Well the very first thing civil engineers deal with are STRUCTURES. And erecting structures requires a great deal of analysis and design. This is where FEM comes into picture. It is basically a way to solve the otherwise difficult and sometimes unsolvable partial differential equations that govern the behaviour of the structure. (It mainly solves for stresses, strains, deflection and a few other parameters). Now consider a non conventional structure (Other than simply supported beam, cantilever beam, trusses) which cannot be analysed using conventional methods (Slope Deflection, Work energy principle etc), it becomes a necessity to understand the kind of stresses involved as an engineer. This is crucial because it could be something aesthetically appealing (vision of an architect, a monument) or someones home, and I'm sure as an engineer you wouldn't want it to fall on its inaugural day right? Finite Element Analysis allows you to analysis a structure and obtain required variables which might assist you as an engineer to design better and safer structures.

Why Code Human?

Our essential point is to give understudies and graduates a stage to make their talent in core projects and build up themselves as Expert Architects. We Emerge from different other preparing establishments by giving 100% Career Arranged TRAINING. We trust that a solid logical information and theoretical clarity are the keys to a rewarding Professional. We give our understudy's hands-on involvement in most recent front line advancements and our accomplished showing staffs, comprising of administration engineers from different designing fields, guarantees that the understudies get both applied reason and a thought regarding the genuine modern situations.

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