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Medical coding is an important step in data cleaning activities within data management. The main objective of performing medical coding is to have the medical terms interpreted uniformly and in a standardized format; hence medical coding is required to be completed by using standardized medical dictionaries. Data which can be coded include adverse events, medical histories, concomitant medications and even physical examinations, if required. Standard dictionaries such as MedDRA and also who Drug are typically used. Typically all medical histories and adverse events are summarized by preferred term (PT) and by system organ class (SOC) whilst all concomitant medications are summarized by preferred term (PT), by anatomical main group (1st level of the ATC classification) and chemical subgroup (4th level of the ATC classification). All of this information are outputted in the data which are used for statistical analysis.

What skills will you learn?

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  • In the current world of EDC, the majority of terms should be auto-coded, therefore the coding efforts should be minimal. However this is not always the case and in order to get the term auto-coded the verbatim must exactly match with appropriate term available in the medical dictionary. When auto-coding fails, manual coding will take place.
  • There are many challenges while performing the manual coding of medical histories or adverse events such as multiple medical concepts recorded together which requires a correction prior to coding taking place.
  • The multiple signs and symptoms might also be reported, in such cases the medical coder should query the actual diagnosis with the investigator site. Any unclear terms with insufficient details are also required to be queried with the site.
  • In the case where the actual surgery together with the condition is reported, the medical coder should check whether the condition is included in the separate record. If not, this can be split using self-evident corrections or queried with the site.
  • The use of self-evident corrections to update the spelling or expand any abbreviation can be used if the sponsor is willing to use it. If not, this is usually queried with the site to correct the spelling and expand any unclear abbreviations.

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