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CND is a vendor-neutral, lab intensive, and skill-based network security certification training course based on the cybersecurity education structure by National Initiative of Cybersecurity Education(NICE).The online CND training and certification course covers protect, identify, and respond approach to network security , and an arsenal of tools to provide real-world experience on current network security methodologies.You will learn network defense concepts, application of security protocols, firewall configuration, and many more to foster flexibility of operations during attacks.

Skill you learn from the codehuman training

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A CND certified individual will be able to:

* Understand computer network and defense fundamentals

* Know the network security threats, attacks, controls, protocols, and devices

* Design and implement a network security policy

* Grasp a firm grip on physical and host securities

* Learn about secure firewall, VPN, and IDS configuration and management

* Monitor and analyze network traffic

* Comprehend wireless network defense

* Backup and recover data

* Speculate and manage network risks and vulnerabilities

Why Codehuman

Grasp the step-by-step methodology and tactics that hackers use to penetrate network systems:

* Understand the finer nuances of trojans, backdoors and countermeasures

* Get a better understanding of IDS, firewalls, honeypots and wireless hacking

* Master advanced hacking concepts, including mobile device and smart phone hacking, writing virus codes, exploit writing & reverse engineering    and corporate espionage

* Gain expertise on advanced concepts such as advanced network packet analysis, securing IIS & Apache web servers, Windows system     administration using Powershell, and hacking SQL and Oracle databases

* Cover the latest developments in mobile and web technologies including Andriod, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and HTML 5

* Learn advanced log management for information assurance and allow you to manage information security with more clarity

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