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  • Piping Design/engineering is about developing efficient piping processes to safely transport fluid or gas across an industrial facility. Within industry, piping is a system of pipes used to convey fluids (liquids and gases) from one location to another. The engineering discipline of piping design studies the efficient transport of fluid.
  • An efficient and safe piping system begins with an intelligent design; providing a piping process that senses and controls the pressure, load, flow rate and temperature of the transmitted fluid or gas.
  • Everything from piping material to layout to in-line components must be designed to meet the needs of the facility. The in-line components, known as fittings, valves, and other devices, typically sense and control the pressure, flow rate and temperature of the transmitted fluid, and usually are included in the field of piping design (or piping engineering). Piping systems are documented in piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).

What Learning Benefits Do you get from Code Human’s Training?

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Here are some of the major learning benefits that come with this training program:

  • This training enables the participants to learn the fundamentals of Piping Design.
  • We at CODE HUMAN institute offer to our students piping design course. Piping Engineering is an application of Mechanical Engineering principles, which deals with Design, Analysis, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of Piping System. Industrially, all piping activities are performed with the compliance and guidelines of International and Industrial Codes & Standards as well as the laws and regulations of respective local authority.
  • This Course is designed to mold the fresher / novice Engineers to pioneer their profession in piping domain. We train the qualified candidates as per industry standards and incorporate tool Knowledge along with Concepts and best practices.
What career benefits in-Store for you?
  • Scope of Piping Engineering is very good despite current scenario in petroleum price fluctuation, which is expected to get stabilized by 2017.
  • More importantly, design engineering in piping is having huge scope with very little competition in skill and experience wise.
  • A Piping Designer earns an average salary of Rs 436,371 per year. The highest paying skills associated with this job are Engineering Design, SP3D, piping, and pdms.
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