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In this course, students will be equipped on advancement innovations of coal-fired power plants, consolidated cycle Power plants, Biomass plants and Hydropower plant. There are 8 modules for 8 work aptitudes, for example, outline, arranging, obtainment, Equipment (Electrical frameworks, Mechanical frameworks, Balance of the plant), erection and authorizing, contracts, project administration, Instrumentation and Controls, Safety designing.

What contents do you learn from this course?


Coal fired power plant

Coal-fired energy is the most established improvement in power generation.Current improvement in Coal-fired energy has weakened the discharges and expanded productivity.

Hydro power plant

Hydropower plant is a sustainable power source asset and the cleanest type of energy plant with slight conservation. the equation behind this power plant is potential vitality (Reservoir water) will be changed over into dynamic vitality.

Gas fired power plant

Gas fired plant is modern technology which reduce emissions and increase efficiency.

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