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Course description

Primavera is comprehensive, high performance, multi-project planning and control software. It is ideal for project intensive industries. Primavera helps organizations manage just about any type of portfolio. Primavera gives a multitude of ways to organize, filter and sort activities, projects, and resources. It has a rich graphical interface to plan and manage and report on projects.

Primavera deals with project management in all major industry domains like civil, mechanical and electrical. Professionals who are knowledgeable in project management skills and techniques can use Primavera to promote agility and productivity in organizations.

What skills will you learn?

The course demonstrates the useful applications of software in project management and helps participants develop skills to handle projects using Primavera, covering all basic features of the software available over web and offline. Participants learn planning, scheduling, and controlling of small and large scale projects; driving down costs, minimizing risks, and delivering results for key stakeholders; selecting the right strategic mix of projects and balancing resource capacity.

The course helps participants design, develop, and maintain detailed resource-loaded schedules; modify project schedules and or integrate multiple project schedules. The course equips them to provide necessary administrative support to project management teams; to set user privileges; to rout contracts and change orders; to reconcile billings and invoices; distribute necessary documents to appropriate teams, among others. The course teaches concepts such as Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS) and Enterprise Project Structure (EPS) that are useful in organizing projects, people, and work

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Code human provides real time and placement focused primavera Training in Vijayawada. Our primavera Training content includes basic to higher level and our primavera training is deliberate to get the placement in good MNC companies in Vijayawada, Hyderabad and in universe as quickly as once you complete the primavera training people can apply primavera certification. Our primavera trainers are primavera skilled experts and knowledgeable working professionals with hands on real-time various primavera projects comprehension. We have designed our primavera course content and syllabus based on student’s constraint to reach everyone's career goal. You getting trained by our Professional primavera Training institute will absolutely enhance your skill and lastly makes you to get employed with the top MNCs.

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