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This Salesforce Platform Developer Certification Training is designed to ensure that you master the concepts and components of application development on the Salesforce Platform. Our training will help you understand how to extend Salesforce features using the declarative and programmatic capabilities of Apex code and Visualforce UI framework.Salesforce platform is a group of technologies that supports the development of other technologies on top of it. What make it unique is that the platform supports not only all the salesforce clouds, but it also support custom functionality built by our customers and partners. This functionality ranges from simple page layout to full-scale applications.

Why to choose Sales force platform developer I (apex and visual force):

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Sales force platform developer is certification training to ensure that you learn and master the concepts being a salesforce administrator and sales force app builder. Sales force training will help you to learn how to configure salesforce so you are able to collect analyse and retrieve all of the vital information associated with your customers base

Why Codehuman

Code human was a champion among other software training institutions in Vijayawada. The training helps professionals to mould their practical and soft skills required to succeed in demanding professions. Continuous guides with experienced and qualified and considerate mentors. We are for quite a while developed advancement based and code-based pre-work testing.

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