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CATIA stands for computer-aided-three-dimensional interactive application. It is a multi-platform computer software that is suits for computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM) computer aided engineering (CAE), PLM, 3D. The latest version know we are using is CATIA V6 this software is used in many fields system engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical system and fluid systems. CATIA referred as a 3D product lifecycle management software suite the aids the mechanical engineers to work on product definition.it provide a large array of applications for mold and die along with generic tooling. It empowers engineers to do digital prototyping, digital analysis and simulation to understand the quality and performance of product design early in the product development phase.

Why to choose this Course?

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Nowadays 3D technology has a lot of reputations and popularity in business and also help business in cutting down various key challenges associated with designing process. Presently this software is using in many organisation not only in civil engineering but also in mechanical engineering. You learn to do product design, industrial design and styling streamline 2D design and also how to perform CAE geometry editing, comprehensive meshing.

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