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Course Description

It is important to look carefully at the people within your organisation and establish what sort of training or experience they may need to fill their current and possible future roles. When you identify skills gaps through SAS' Skills Assessment tool you can work out what training to deliver now, and what development will be required in the future. SAS can assess your team on your current and/or future SAS Products and provide a report that can help you decide where your team’s strengths are and where training can benefit. With the assessment on average taking less than 30 minutes, you supply the email addresses and we will send out the email with the link to the Skills Assessment tailored to your team. Once completed, SAS will then provide to you as the manager, all the results along with a comprehensive road map for training.

Why to choose this course?

So how do you get these skills at Code Human? Start by taking SAS Programming 1 (the e-course is free) and SAS Programming 2 training courses and preparing to earn your Base Programmer certification. SAS has a number of getting started books to help you prepare, including a Base Programmer prep guide. It’s a favorite, according to many of the SAS certified professionals I’ve interviewed. SAS also offers a variety of free learning resources, like e-courses and video tutorials. Don’t forget – you can also practice using the software with SAS University Edition. Now there’s really no excuse for not gaining a valuable career skill that could really pay off.

Why Codehuman?

There are many different ways to learn to program with SAS software. What is best for you may depend on your budget, your training needs and the way you prefer to learn. I have chosen to take full advantage of the SAS programming information on Code Human. Many people have spent a great deal of time creating sites that explain SAS Software and provide coding examples. I am convinced that is possible to learn the basics about SAS software this way. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money if you are persistent in searching the web and practicing with the SAS software. After almost four years of studying and working with SAS Software, I am able to compare various methods of learning SAS, and I recommend this Code Human Training Institute, especially for beginners.

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